A Community for Muslim Mothers

Are you weighed down by the joyous hardships of motherhood and need some inspiration to keep you going? GrowMamaGrow (GMG) might become the answer you have been looking for – it is an online community for Muslim women to share, laugh and, most importantly, grow together.

The mission of GMG is: “To facilitate an online community that inspires and supports women in serving the Creator through striving for excellence in themselves, their families and their life pursuits.” The vision of GMG is: “A generation of Muslim mothers who fulfill the roles entrusted to them with dedication, confidence, creativity, optimism and balance.”

The project provides a supportive, friendly and non-judgemental space for Muslim mothers and young women to share their experiences, support one another, grow in the spirituality and inspire each other. The site offers a wide range of topics: parenting, self-awareness, relationships, organizing, health and many others. They have a discussion board, which brings the interaction among the women to an even closer level. GMG welcomes women of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, with only one discussion guideline enforced – respect for all people.




“Muslim Kids Digest”

An Online Monthly Digest to Inspire Kids to Learn

Muslim Kids Digest (MKD) is a monthly online magazine for Muslim children (6-12 years) produced by six homeschooled siblings (plus their mother) in California, USA. MKD is filled with interesting and sometimes funny tidbits, written by kids for kids. The siblings admit that they collectively share a deep love for Allah (swt) and His Prophet (sa), are honoured that they belong to the beautiful religion of Islam and wish to share their love with the world.

Currently, the first issue of the magazine is online – visit MKD and tell others about it. The site is colourful and tastefully illustrated – just the right combination for attracting the attention of the young Muslim readers. The sections of Muslim Kids Digest include: Main Lane, Science Lab, Health Hotline, Craft and Media Corner, Joke Box, Book Nook, Quiz Whizz, History’s Mysteries and Art Studio, or in other words, lots of exciting material to keep the children reading on.