1. Recite the Kalimah or any Dua on your way to work. We spend at least half an hour or more commuting to our workplace. To fully utilize this particular time, make a habit of reciting the Dua as you step out of your doorway, and continue with the recitation of the Kalimah or any Quranic verse silently. Those who travel in trains or busses can open up their favourite Quran apps on their gadgets and listen to or read the recitation along with its translation. Allah (swt) will reward you for each and every effort that you do to please Him, no matter how little it may be.
  2. Greet your colleagues with Salam. Maintaining cordial relations with the people around you is a major part of following the Sunnah. Upon meeting any fellow Muslim, saying “Assalamu Alaikum” is a very simple Sunnah to follow. Prophet Muhammad (sa) said: “Greet those whom you know and those whom you do not know.” (Bukhari)
  3. Say your prayers as soon as it is time. When you hear the Adhan, ensure that you leave all activities and get up and immediately say your Salah. If there are no Masajid nearby and you are unable to hear the Adhan, set reminders on your mobile phone. Do not ever procrastinate when it comes to prayers; chances are that you might forget about it. At the end of the day, you will feel sorry for missing your Salah because of some worldly activities that will have no worth in the Akhirah!4. Trust Allah (swt) and ask for His help whenever you intend to do something. For every step that you intend to take at work, such as creating a work plan for the next few weeks or making a major decision, keep saying “Insha’Allah” and “if Allah wills, it surely will happen”. This will keep reminding you that if you put your complete trust in Allah (swt), you will receive numerous rewards. Keep asking Him to help you complete every major milestone. Say sentences like: “O Allah, I have to achieve this milestone. I know You are there to help me with this!”

    5. Message your parents and family to ask them how they are doing. Once in a while, take out a few seconds from your busy schedule and simply message your parents or adult children (if any) to ask them how they are doing in your absence. Allah (swt) has placed special emphasis on the rights of parents and children, and doing so will ensure that you are fulfilling your responsibilities in your every role!