1. Give it priority. Make time for Islamic studies and Quran recitation every day, and make that time important and special. Don’t let yourself and your children get distracted by the demands of hectic daily routines. Let them know that learning about their religion is important, even more important than housework or school homework! Value their achievements in reading or memorizing the Quran more than other academic achievements.
  2. Be an example. It’s hard to expect your children to spend lots of time reading the Quran or learning Duas, if they hardly ever see you doing that. If you want your child to become a Hafiz, why don’t you start studying together? If you can find an excuse not to, so does your child.
  3. Make it fun, not boring. Don’t make your children study Islam – make them want to study Islam! Start at an early age and keep it fun. Use colourful flash cards or invent some games. Read stories from the Quran and Seerah together and discuss what you can learn from them. Get engaged into creative learning, so that your child would get engaged, too.
  4. Build an Islamic library at home, and teach your children how to use it. If you can manage to instil the love of reading in your children, then your task as a teacher would get much easier Insha’Allah. Whenever your child asks a question, such as ‘why do we have to pray?’ make your answer ‘because Allah (swt) told us to do so in the Quran; let’s find the verse together…’ This way your child would learn where to turn for knowledge and how to find it. Also, good reading can inspire their thirst for more knowledge and build good character in them! The Quran and Ahadeeth collections are priority, but with small children you can enjoy colourful Islamic books that they could understand easily.
  5. Yes to rewards, no to punishments. Acting on the Sunnah of our Prophet (sa), reward your children for their efforts and achievement, but don’t be harsh with their shortcomings. Remember that children have different abilities. Some may grasp certain concepts or memorize things faster, while others do it slowly. Have patience with them and remember that the reward for your efforts is with Allah (swt) and not in your child’s success.