To instill the importance of an upright character in young believers, Star Links School organized a three-day Character Fair in the month of April. It was an effort to make students study, analyze and internalize the character traits, which our role model Rasoolullah (sa) and his companions possessed.

Varied aspects of an ideal Muslim character were taken up by all the three campuses of the school. Children at the Pre-Primary Campus presented Ahadeeth, rhymes and role plays on thankfulness, cooking up good manners, keeping the planet clean, discipline in nature, importance of Sadaqah and sharing to name a few. Prophet’s (sa) favourite food pushcart was decorated in one of the projects, where children as vendors narrated the benefits of having a diet based on the Sunnah.

Students in the primary classes showcased their Quran based projects on honesty, kindness, patience, anger management, cleanliness and character. However, the senior classes took up more imperative traits which they, as Muslim youth, must adopt conscientiously. The project “Lulu-el-Maknoon” exhibited the importance of being modest in everything from speech to your attire, “Unity – The Sure Cure” highlighted the essentiality of unity for progress, the “Dynamic Discipline Doctrines” discussed, how discipline can achieve greatness, the project “Mard-e-Mumin” traced an ideal Muslim character through Iqbal’s philosophy and poetry and the leadership project named “Lead without Title” revealed, what it means to be a Khalifah on earth.

Flowers of Islam, the in-house publishing setup of Star Links School, specially designed and displayed a number of products to promote good character in Muslim youth. It included character calendar, posters, mugs, T-shirts, stickers, bookmarks and folders.

Star Links School plans to organize an inter-school Character Fair 2011. It has invited other schools to join hands in pursuing this cause of inculcating traits of a strong character in Muslim youth, which is a dire need of the society today.