1. Know Yourself
    Job seekers often overlook the importance of self-realization in strategizing their career. It is vital that you are aware of your personality type, and know what you want in life. (Research Myers-Briggs personality test online – www.myersbriggs.org). A clear vision as to what really matters to you is a pre-requisite for a successful job search. A Muslim should have no doubts about what his Creator wants from him, and how he should work towards his goals. He should be well aware of his special strengths and weaknesses, and exert extra efforts to embed his career in the larger Islamic program that he strives for. With this self-knowledge, he will know which industry he should target.

  2. Know Your Market
    Having worked on his personal vision, the career aspirant needs to learn about that industry. The wealth of resources available on the Internet makes research easy. Social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, are excellent research and networking tools. However, the role of face-to-face research should never be underestimated. By short-listing prominent organizations and requesting 15-30 minutes information interviews from them, you not only learn much about the industry but also leave a good impression on its professionals. This research further refines the particular market niche which you can thrive in.
  3. Help and be Helped
    Armed with this knowledge, what you need is an experienced mentor working in that particular niche. There are many people out there who will give you contradictory advice but the advice you should seek is of this mentor. Networking is perhaps the greatest tool for a successful job search. You should join professional organizations in your field of choice. Conferences, industry socials, and seminars provide ample networking opportunities. For a Muslim, praying in the Masjid regularly can be an excellent source of networking. It is important that you never blatantly ask others for work. It is a great put off, and does not befit you as a Muslim. Rather, your focus should be on providing services by writing articles for your companies of interest in professional publications, volunteering, organizing projects in your professional organization, helping others seek work as well as giving relatives and friends good and sincere advice.
  4. Stay Positive, Patient and Persistent
    Searching for a job is full-time work, and should be planned and executed professionally. Positivity is a contagious attitude. It helps you synergize with positive people and positive natural forces around you. Understand that you will only get your dream job when Allah (swt) wants you to have it. So it is vital to be patient and maintain a positive attitude. A Muslim is proactive, persistent, organized, and focused. He develops complete Tawakkul on Allah (swt) in the pursuit of His Rizq.
  5. Increase in Islamic Knowledge and Practice
    A Muslim is constantly learning and practicing his Deen, especially in this sensitive phase of his life. Not only does he establish prayer in the Masjid, he also prays Qiyam-ul-Lail daily, beseeching Allah (swt) privately at a time when supplications are accepted. By attending a weekly Islamic class, he keeps polishing his vision of reality. He gives regular charity, even if it is a small amount. Islamic knowledge anchors him in constant striving both for the Dunya and the Akhirah, such that he does not forget his greater Islamic mission once he eventually finds a suitable job.