(1) Recite and reflect upon the Quran. Scientific studies have proven that simply listening to Quranic recitations has a miraculous effect upon the hearts and bodies; it has the quality of healing the souls. It is suggested by religious scholars that whenever you are depressed or feel low, listen to the Quran as it has a significant impact upon your mood. You must be aware that Allah (swt) is speaking to you, and you must strive hard to understand His dialogue. This will help you soften your heart, raise your Iman, and bring tranquility within your soul.

(2) Perform Salah regularly. Another factor to increase one’s Iman is the offering of Salah regularly, and at its appointed timings. It is narrated by Jabir ibn Abdullah (rtam) that Prophet Muhammad (sa) said: “The similitude of five prayers is like an overflowing river passing by the gate of one of you in which he washes five times daily.” (Muslim) Apart from increasing our level of Iman, Salah gives us an opportunity to have an audience with the Rabb-ul-Alameen in which we can ask for His help and mercy. It is necessary that we engage in this ritual without accelerating our pace, and being aware of His presence.

(3) Engage in Dhikr. This is the component of Muslim worship for remembering the Lord, and praising and acknowledging His supremacy. Some beneficial Adhkar include:

  • Subhan’Allah (Glory be to Allah (swt))
  • Alhumdullilah (All praise is for Allah (swt))
  • Allahu Akbar(Allah (swt) is the Greatest)
  • La ilaha illa Allah (There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah (swt))

This constant remembrance will enrich your soul with Allah’s (swt) fear, soften your heart, keep you content, and remove from your heart greed for material things. It will also make your scale of good deeds heavy on the Day of Judgment.

(4) Keep voluntary fasts. Fasting cures all the maladies of the human soul. It imbues within the soul the virtue of dedication, devotion, and nearness to Allah (swt). Muslims observe this act out of deep love – to please Allah (swt). Voluntary fasting reboots the soul (thereby increasing Iman), and empowers it with a new optimistic outlook.

(5) Remember death. Allah (swt) has announced in His Book that every soul will taste death. Remaining mindful of its nearness will remove the desire to attain worldly pleasures, and make you more firm on your path as you will know that there is a better world awaiting you; thus, it will help you maintain your Iman.