Snoozy makes you woozy
Get up with your alarm clock. Don’t press snooze! Show discipline at the start of your day by waking up right away, and the rest of your day is most likely to be full of discipline and quality, Insha’Allah.

Wake up before Fajr
This may feel like a huge task, but you can even start by waking up fifteen minutes before Fajr. The last third of the night is an extremely special time, where you can connect with Allah (swt) on a deeper level through Tahajjud, Dua, and Astaghfar.

Make Fajr ‘the event’ of your day
Rather than performing a hit and run type of prayer, aim to perfect Fajr as much as possible. Wear nice clothes and focus on what you recite during prayer. For extra reward, follow the Sunnah by making your recitation short in the Sunnah prayer and long in the Fard prayer of Fajr.

Recite the Quran after Fajr
This is usually the only time in the day when you will be left on your own – so grab this time with Allah (swt) and connect with His Book. Read the Arabic and translation, even if it is a small amount and reflect on the meaning.

Plug-in to Islamic material
The brain is like a sponge in the morning, so fill it with productive and positive food. Not only will you internalize the knowledge more at this time, but it will also give you a positive mood and mindset for the rest of the day.

Rise and shine; it’s exercise time
Starting your day with exercise improves your physical state as well as lifts you emotionally. If you can’t go to the gym, you can exercise at home on the treadmill or even go for a walk.

Eat right, stay tight
Have a healthy breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast – give your body the energy and fuel it needs to have a productive start to an amazing day.

Transcribed for Hiba by Saneya Qadir.