Sleep. Sleep is possibly one of our most precious commodities. It is difficult to wake up even a minute before we truly have to. This year, let’s vow to sacrifice our sleep for Allah’s (swt) sake. Wake up early for Tahajjud and resolve to not sleep after Fajr, so you may bask in its blessings. Make your tongues moist with Allah’s (swt) remembrance of Allah (swt) while the rest of the nation sleeps. Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed by your Rabb (swt), Who calls out to every slave in the last third of the night and offers to accept their supplications.

Children. Sacrifice your children in the way of Allah (swt) by vowing to spend all your efforts in raising them such that they become leaders who spread Allah’s word (swt) to others. Do not pamper them or consider them too young to be woken up for Fajr, to be asked to memorize the Quran, or to give up activities that conform with popular culture but not our Deen.

Time. Allah (swt) Himself swears in Surah Al-Asr: “By time! Man is surely in loss!” We are all so lost in our daily activities and jam-packed routines that we don’t even stop to take a breath to check if we are serving Allah (swt) as His true slaves should. Make a promise today to spend time in the way of Allah (swt) to serve His Deen, even if it is as small as teaching one Ayah to someone.

Belongings You Love. There is no charity we could possibly give in the way of Allah (swt) that would befit His majesty, but we can surely give what we love the best. Though it is always great to give away the old things you no longer use, try and give your favourite dress or the shoes you love in the way of Allah (swt) in the true spirit of sacrifice.

Ego. Do not let arrogance creep into your heart when successes come your way. Do not let the fear of people come in the way of your obedience to Allah (swt). Bow down, surrender completely to the Lord of the Worlds, and sacrifice your ego. Humble yourself and remind yourself that you are His slave and everything you have is due to His mercy. Hard as it may sound, this is indeed a sacrifice that is worth making!