She threw herself on the bed, turned on the air conditioner and closed her eyes as she was feeling extremely tired. However, it was a big day for her, in fact one of the happiest moments of her life. Finally, she had gotten the piece of paper for which she along with her whole family had struggled a lot. What a big day it was. Happiness and wishes were pouring in from everywhere. In addition to that the two lettered prefix (Dr.) with her name was giving her a great joy. “This is the ultimate success!” she thought.

As the days passed, the joy decreased; everything started getting normal. She completed her house job, got married, was blessed with a child and left the practice as it wasn’t possible for her to continue. The joy of that piece of paper vanished completely. The success that was considered as “the ultimate success,” attained after a chronic hard work of eighteen years and investment of a lot of money, faded in no time.” She wondered what success truly was.

While she was in deep thought, the verse resounded in her ears: “And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).” (Al-Imran 2:185)

“Surely, this is the ultimate success!” she whispered.