Recently elected as the head girl of my school, I was on cloud nine. I had everything in life: a perfect and rich family, loving parents, caring friends, and annoying siblings. I never had to face any hardships. I got whatever I wished for – my life was that easy!

The other day, I went to the shopping mall dragging my mother along to buy more clothes and accessories. When I entered the most expensive shop, I was immediately attracted by a pink sweater with black stripes. It was such an adorable one that I couldn’t resist having it. Pulling on a puppy-faced expression, I turned towards my mother: “Mom, please. I need that sweater. I’ll die if I don’t get it.” “No, dear, this sweater is too expensive. We always let you do your own shopping but that doesn’t mean you’ll overspend.” She said firmly in a soft tone.

Innocently, I tried again: “But, Mom, it’s so pretty… You know, Hira has the same one. She will be so jealous if she sees that I am wearing the same one as well!” My mother sternly turned towards me: “Sarah, enough of this now! My final answer is ‘no’!” With that, she walked away from me.

Sighing about the rejection, I sat down on the sofa and wondered: why was I so unlucky? I was furious at her. She never lets me buy anything, I thought to myself. I had not bought anything for ages, except for the blue dress last week and the white heels two days before. None of them were a luxury. All of my friends got the cooler stuff before me. I was green with envy!

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