1. Welcome Ramadan banner: Make a “Welcome Ramadan” banner and hang it up in the house. You can use paints to make the banner or cut out each letter like a stencil.
  2. Crescent cookies: Bake sugar cookies shaped like crescents to mark the beginning of the month of Ramadan and Shawwal!
  3. Iftar place mats: Decorate and make Iftar place mats with the Dua for breaking the fast written on it. Laminate the place mats so that they become wipe-clean.
  4. Pillowcase prayer rugs: Recycle old pillowcases to make prayer rugs. Decorate with fabric paint, fur, buttons or even markers!
  5. Iftar party preparation: Help the kids throw an Iftar party for their father and grandparents. Set a simple menu which they can cook themselves, or can assist the most in.
  6. Neighbour Iftar: Don’t forget your neighbours. Set out trays that the children can help deliver to their neighbours to get some extra good deeds.
  7. Quran bookmark: Make a bookmark to mark how much Quran has been recited every day.
  8. 3D Mosque/ prayer area: Use empty cartons and boxes to cut out stand-by-itself mosque. Stand it in the corner to demarcate a prayer area for kids.
  9. Ramadan table cloth: Use an old sheet or table cloth and let children decorate it as they will.
  10. Lego fun: Ask your children to make the Kabah, or a Masjid, or an Eid party depiction using their block sets.
  11. Ramadan presentation: Make a PowerPoint presentation with your children exploring the benefits of Ramadan and what it is. Have them present it to the family after Iftar to hone their public speaking skills.
  12. Dua cards: Print out different beneficial Duas and let the children colour it and make frames around it. Stick these up or use stands to prop up in a central part of the house.
  13. Date tree activities: Since breaking fast with dates is Sunnah, plan an activity around it. Make a date palm tree with construction paper and discuss how dates are grown and harvested.
  14. Laylat-ul-Qadr checklist: Help children brainstorm a list of Ibadahs they want to do during Laylat-ul-Qadr. Make a checklist which they can decorate and use during these nights. Laminate it so they can check it with a wipe-clean marker and re-use it during all the odd nights.
  15. Taraweeh snack pouches: Have kids cuts out and design small boxes or pouches that can hold some snacks. Take it to the Masjid at Taraweeh time and give out to those sitting close to you to boost their energy for Ibadah.
  16. Toy donation: Have your children sift through their belongings and choose some to give away to the poor. Help them wrap them up in pretty paper with ribbons and bows. Buy some new ones as well, letting your children choose. Take them to an orphanage so that they can give their gifts out themselves.
  17. Ramadan lanterns: You can find some easy craft steps to make your own Ramadan lanterns online.
  18. Masjid collage: Give your children cut outs of various shapes to create a Masjid and the scenery around it. Little ones can be given a picture to match and paste the shapes on.
  19. Exploring Eid celebration: Spend a day surfing the internet with your children and discover how Eid is celebrated in different parts of the world.
  20. Eid cards: Make Eid cards to give to one and all! Let your child’s creativity loose!
  21. Eid costume party: Plan an Eid costume party. Design and make invites, and plan your costume. Be creative!
  22. Homemade Eid gifts: Help kids to make homemade Eid gifts for their siblings and cousins. Simple things like making friendship bracelets, bands, paper planes, or little paper cubes to fill in candy are great ideas.
  23. Decorate the house for Eid: Eid is right around the corner! Decorate the house with streamers, balloons, banners and the different crafts you have made!
  24. Light up the house: Buy fairy lights to hang in the house. Cut out small stars and stick on each bulb to make a starry effect.