• Don’t waste electricity by leaving unnecessary lights and other electrical appliances on.
  • Try to utilize daylight as much as possible during the daytime and do not keep curtains closed, so that you have to switch on lights.
  • In summer nights, if you have to keep the air conditioner running, try to sleep in one room to cut down on electricity consumption.
  • If you plan to buy an air conditioner for the next summer, go for split AC because it consumes less electricity as compared to its counterparts, i.e., window AC.
  • Use energy saver bulbs to reduce energy consumption.
  • When using the e-mail, stop junk mail and faxes through the mailing preference service to save electricity, paper and your time.
  • Cancel delivery of unwanted newspapers, donate old magazines to libraries and doctor’s waiting rooms.
  • Use your own cloth shopping bags, when visiting the supermarket, Sunday Bazar, etc.
  • Grow your own vegetables. Many varieties can be grown in small gardens.
  • Save up washing water for your garden or plant pots.
  • Don’t throw away food. Feed to a poor. Crumbs and leftovers can also be given to pets or animals.


  • Reuse scrap paper for writing notes, etc.
  • Reuse envelopes – stick labels over the address.
  • Donate old computer and audio-visual equipment to community groups or schools.
  • Buy rechargeable items instead of disposable ones e.g. batteries and cameras.
  • Take old clothes and books to charity shops or donate them to the poor.
  • Reuse aluminum foil and cling film to cover food.


  • Some retailers take back old electrical items, when delivering a new one.
  • Local charity shops, schools, and community groups can sometimes use unwanted furniture.
  • Set your printer to print paper double sided.
  • Old greeting cards or paper cartons of tea, biscuits, etc., can be cut up in thin strips to light stove instead of using match sticks for each burner.
  • Give away old newspapers to the Raddi Wala for recycling.
  • Reuse fabric cuttings left over from stitched materials for stuffing cushions and pillows.

Some organizations in Karachi that accept donated household items for re-use:

Alamgir Trust
Edhi Trust