What you need

Potatoes                        ½ kilo (boiled and mashed)
White flour                   ½ cup
Chicken mince             2 cups
Onions                           2
Mushrooms                  ½ cup
Coriander                     ¼ cup
Green chillies              As needed
Salt                                1 tsp
Black pepper               1 tsp
Egg                                As needed (beaten)
Bread crumbs             As needed
Butter                           2 tbsp
Oil                                 4 tbsp

What you do

  1. Mix mashed potatoes, butter, salt, and coriander with white flour and knead into a dough.
  2. Fry onions. Put in green chillies, chicken mince, salt, and mushrooms and cook for a while.
  3. Break off a small ball of dough and roll into an evenly flattened disc.
  4. Place some chicken mince mixture on it and roll it.
  5. Dip it in egg and breadcrumbs, and then fry.
  6. Cut before serving.