1. Put on the weight of good deeds

Most resolutions people make tend to revolve around weight. Let yours, too! Vow to put on the weight of good deeds. Continue with the extra Ibadah you have become accustomed to this Ramadan, and be heavier when you greet the new Ramadan next year!


  1. Keep the secret bond

For the past few weeks, you have woken up before dawn to eat Suhoor. Do not let go of this habit. Continue to wake up before the Adhan of Fajr for this is the time Allah (swt) calls out to His slaves, ready to give them whatever they ask Him. Resolve to not let go of this special bond you have created with Him this month.


  1. Don’t forget the hunger pangs

Resolve to remember the hunger pangs you felt near the time of Iftar; let that memory help you relate to the hunger of the poor and needy, and enable you to feed them.


  1. Memorize a Quranic verse a day

If you make the resolution to memorize one verse (Ayah) a day, you will have learnt 354 verses by the time the next Ramadan rolls by! To put this in perspective, the longest Surah of the Quran, Al-Baqarah, is only 286 verses. You can memorize it as well as any other Surah. If possible, memorize two or even three verses a day instead. Ramadan Taraweeh next year will hold a completely different meaning for you, Insha’Allah!


  1. Chain the devil

Though he has been released from his imprisonment after Ramadan, it does not mean that you cannot chain him yourself. Remember Shaitan can only whisper. It is up to you whether you choose to pay heed to his prompts! Resolve to chain the devil from entering into your heart and mind. The minute you feel his interference in your thoughts, proclaim “Aoodhu billahi min ash-Shaytan nir-Rajeem” and refuse to listen to him!