As a family, we all wish and pray to stay together, whether it is at home, on a family outing, or a holiday. We even imagine dwelling in Paradise with our loved ones. But the Quran sketches something petrifying, which is worthy of notice and calls for action.

“Though they shall be made to see one another [(on the Day of Resurrection), there will be none but see his father, children and relatives, but he will neither speak to them nor will ask them for any help]. The Mujrim (sinner) would desire to ransom himself from the punishment of that Day by his children. And his wife and his brother, and his kindred who sheltered him, and all that are in the Earth, so that it might save him. By no means! Verily, it will be the fire of Hell.” (Al- Marij 70:11-15)

What common sins are committed by spouses that may engulf their children too? Kids replicate the behavior of their parents. What the parents model consciously or unconsciously will be adapted by their children later in their lives too, as man is either a product of nature (inherited qualities) or nurture (environmental conditioning).

  1. Shirk

Muslims are not bowing to idols today. But we are deeply and dangerously indulging into beliefs and festivities of the disbelievers. Sadly, this has become a norm for many Muslims. Birthday parties, birth and death anniversaries, this day and that day, fortune telling, lucky charms, concept of mother nature, the evolution theory… and the list goes on. Seemingly they are all innocent and only occasions of joy or grief. However, they all have roots in polytheism and rattle our ideologies of Tauheed subtly.

Islam has already given us what we have via the Quran and our Prophet (sa). Shirk is the only sin Allah (swt) has claimed never to forgive. We must ensure that we are not practicing a lifestyle that ignorantly ascribes partners to Allah (swt). In Islam, ignorance is not bliss.


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