Was the dome of the Prophet’s (sa) Masjid always green? What did the Hujrah of Fatimah (rtam) look like? How did the Prophet’s (sa) camel react to his death? I never knew all this until I discovered Dar Al-Madinah Museum. It was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Not very popular, it is called Mathaf Dar Al-Madinah. The Museum is nestled in the Knowledge Economic City – Al-Marifa Hall. It lies in the outskirts of main Madinah city adjacent to the King Abdul Aziz Road.

If you wish to be dazzled by the history of Islam and live it, this is the place to be. The museum narrates the story of Islam from the times of Prophet Ibrahim (as). This story is displayed uniquely through spectacular life size models of each time and era. It effectively re-creates the ambiance of the Prophet’s (sa) life. Dr. Engineer Abdul Aziz Kaaki is the man behind this commendable effort.

For maximum experience and benefit, it is best to hire a guide – you can select Arabic, Urdu or English commentary. Ours was a young Pakistani lad, who was fluently conversing in Arabic as well as Urdu. His knowledge was quite impressive, as he repainted the history of Islam and retold the Seerah. My kids had a wonderful time exploring the place on their own, too.

Another option is to quietly drink in the surroundings in solitude. You can guide yourself through the museum. You may read up from all the well-described narrations put up with each display.

The museum also houses maps, artifacts, books, posters, and other items that can be shopped for souvenirs.

If you plan to travel for Umrah this year, do check out www.madinahkec.com for further details. It’s a place worth visiting and touring.