Here we are at the Robotics winter camp certificate ceremony with all the elite schools of Karachi attending. An inventor of robots is calling the chief guest for the ceremony… No, it is not the president or the prime minister or a school principal – it is a humble mother of one of his colleagues who worked hard day and night to raise her son from the slums of a mechanic workshop environment to a robotics teacher.

Then the next surprise sprang when the prize winners gave away their award – a robotics kit worth PKR 50,000 to a school for poor children, upon the request of this same inventor!

Who is this robotics inventor who can earn thousands of dollars but has chosen to train the youth of Karachi for the upcoming future challenges?

Meet the hero… an ordinary person doing extraordinary feats – Hafiz Muhammad Nabeel, MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics, Haptics, Teleoperation) from Koreatech (South Korea) and Electronics Engineer from NED University of Engineering & Technology (Pakistan). He is the CEO and Founder of Edvon, which provides robotic kits to enhance project-based learning in students.

  1. How did you balance your Hifz with your studies?

I was in class five when I developed an interest in Hifz (memorization of the Quran). I asked my parents to let me start Hifz and have a break from my school studies, until I completed it. I am really blessed to have such parents who supported me and pulled me out of school. So technically I did not have to balance between Hifz and studies.

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