The four-wheel drive halted suddenly. Sara flung the door open and raced up the steps just in time for her appointment with the country’s most sought after fashion designer.

He took the necessary head to toe details of the bridal wear, not missing an inch of Sara. Sara was thrilled at the thought of how awed everyone would be with her selection of attire.

Next stop was the tailor. Master Sahab did a good job, but it had to be scrupulous. So once again Sara paraded in and out of different dresses in the dressing room. Master Sahab after a tirade from Sara measured and re-measured her for precision.

Now Sara headed for her jeweler, who had promised to show her his exquisite collection. She tried each piece, while the jeweler complimented her and gave her his expert advice. Finally, they found the right settings to go along with her bridal dress.

Sara wondered what she was still missing. Sandals! Oh, by golly, she couldn’t have gone barefoot to her wedding. She made a quick stop over at the shoe shop. There she tried a dozen different heels and cat walked all over the shop. She fancied nothing. Finally, the shop owner personally chose a pair for her. This time Sara was convinced.

The big day finally arrived and Sara couldn’t help admiring her reflection in the beauty salon’s wall to wall mirrors. Her male beautician just couldn’t sing praises enough.

All dolled up, she made a dash for her awaiting car that would whisk her to the wedding reception. Even the driver checked Sara out in his rear view mirror and voiced his admiration.

At the reception amid numerous ‘wows’ the audience talked about Sara. They flocked in line to congratulate her. There were handshakes, kisses and hugs from uncles, cousins, family friends, office colleagues and many other well wishers, some of whom Sara had probably not seen for years.

Suddenly, the camera man caused a stir and catapulted everyone off the stage. He needed to do his job! His photographer ally also stepped into the scene. Finally, the moment for her dream pictures that would capture this magical moment. She posed and they snapped, delighted to have such a beauty before their lens.

Finally, it was time to bid everyone farewell. Hand in hand with the prince of her dreams she headed for her new and exciting life. In her ecstasy, she overlooked her step and fell face flat on the ground. Her head started to reel and everything blacked out.

She felt herself being carried to a strange place. She heard a voice echoing in the background asking: “How many more times will you do it?” Frightened, she asked: “Do what?” “Commit adultery?” Flabbergasted she stammered: “What, what are you saying? I just got married! I have done no such sin – I am a pure virgin!” The voice replied: “After being touched, admired and fantasized about by countless men, you claim to be a pure virgin? Your husband should have been the first man to do so. However, it’s a pity that he turned up last in line. You are nothing but an adulteress. Throw her into Hell!”

Sara screamed for her life, as she was dragged by the forelock and plunged into what seemed like an ocean of fire. Just as the hissing snakes started to entwine her, she begged for mercy and suddenly found herself in her bed with the alarm clock shrilling in her ears. She had to meet up with her designer for her measurements today. By God! Was it all a nightmare? Drenched in sweat and horrified at what could have been her fate, she cried hysterically.

Suddenly, she remembered Allah (swt). Surely, she hadn’t in a long time. But for some reason she just wanted to talk to Him – explain to Him, how ashamed she was for her past, and how thankful she was to Him for literally saving her from eternal doom.

With broken sniffs and a trembling body, Sara knew exactly what to do. She carefully picked up the phone and politely cancelled her appointment with the designer. She wanted to marry as a pure virgin, not as an adulteress. No man will ever touch her now or devour her beauty. There wasn’t going to be any queue now. Her husband will have to be the first in line!