“Baji, Paisay Nahi Tu Hath Ki Tasbeeh He Dedo- Namaz Parhungi!”

(“Sister, if you can’t give me money then at least give me your Tasbeeh, I offer namaz!”)

As soon as my office van approaches a traffic signal, I make sure to roll up my window in order to avoid traffic beggars. This time rolling up my van’s window had completely slipped from my mind resulting in a transgender saying the above statement. I took a look at my finger counter that someone very close had gifted me, mentally analyzing the truth of his statement.

I remember it was during the time I had newly joined my office. The commutation time was so long that I unconsciously realized how much time I wasted by just sitting in my van. Reading was out of question; thanks to motion sickness. It was during those days when I saw one of my van colleagues wearing an electronic counter on her finger. It was so cute and such an amazing way to utilize the time that I wasted by getting bored in heavy traffic. I requested that girl to show me where she bought it from, and how it worked. It was so simple and easy to carry.

The next day, another van colleague of mine who had been very silently observing my interest in finger counter the day before, gifted one to me. I was overwhelmed with emotion. And, it was due to this kind gesture that finger counter held a special place in my life.

The transgender knocked at my window again. And, this time a bit louder. I took one last look at my finger counter, took it off hastily and handed it over to him. I decided to buy a new one of my favourite purple colour for myself over the weekend. The next day as I sat in my van in the morning, a pair of beautiful hands handed me a purple colored finger counter. I looked up in surprise. The same old colleague chipped in:

“I heard you gave that previous counter for a better cause to someone, so here you go!”

My heart rejoiced. Tears welled up as I whispered, “Jazak’Allah!” in return. I couldn’t think up of anything else to say. I wore the counter, this time with a firmer believe in Hadeeth Qudsi,

“Take one step towards Me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards Me, I will run towards you.”

As I ticked my counter, I couldn’t fathom the multitude of people involved in that tiny Sadqah-e-Jariyah, and how it will become a solace for so many people on the Day of Judgement. They say small acts of kindness are like ripples that echo to unknown infinity. But, that transgender taught me that sometimes a small ripple is capable of forming a huge wave to unknown infinity and beyond.