Have you ever experienced a time when you are super unlucky? No matter what you try to do to achieve a particular task, you just cannot make it happen! As they say, Qadr’Allah! I go through such situations quite often. The last one happened just a few days ago.

My friend Abdulmomin and I agreed that I would write an article for the newspaper he had the honour to work for. I had to complete the article by Wednesday, so that it could be printed on time. So I worked on it and sent it off to Abdulmomin. This is where the first setback came in – the article turned out to be shorter than needed. However, this did not worry the Sheikh too much, as most of the article was already completed. He asked me to send the article by nine o’clock the next morning. This was my final deadline, and he firmly asked me not to let him down. I answered that Allah (swt) willing, I will definitely try to complete everything on time and in the best possible manner.

Night came. I completed the article but decided not to send it off to Abdulmumin right away; I wanted to read it over with a clear mind in the morning, correct any mistakes, and then send it to him.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the alarm clock woke me up. As soon as I opened my eyes, I thought: “Have to finish up the article!” Without washing my face, I stumbled over to my notebook and pushed the start button. Horror! It was not getting started up! The blue screen of my Toshiba lit up with terrifying worlds: “Loading Windows failed. We are looking for a solution. Please wait.”

All of a sudden, waiting became the most difficult task ever. I had no time, but my notebook was mercilessly asking to wait. Five minutes passed… ten… half an hour… one hour… The notebook was still asking to wait. Since I did not have the slightest idea of what to do, I called Abdulmomin. I asked him to wait a little more, while I sorted this out.

After hanging up, I got an idea. I wrote a status on Facebook, requesting help. Out of all ideas offered by my friends, the smartest one seemed to be to take out the hard disk from my notebook and connect it to another computer through the cable. I did just that – only, I didn’t have the cable!

Abdulmomin called again, asking if I had had any success. I explained the situation and told him I will purchase a cable from the shop in the village. He told me he was preparing another article to fill the space urgently. I requested him to wait some more.

Hanging up, I jumped on my bicycle and set off to the store. But I didn’t get far. About half way, I noticed that my bicycle was trembling and it was increasingly difficult to pedal. I looked down and saw that my front tire was flat! Subhan’Allah!

Realizing that time was running out and I needed to send in the article, I ran to the shop carrying the bicycle with me. It must have been quite a sight! I reached the shop and asked for it… No cable!

Totally stressed out, I ran back home, once again carrying my bicycle. It was already eleven o’clock. Having understood that I have let down my friend, I called him and asked him to purchase the cable while I came over to his office. “When we meet, we can immediately connect my hard disk to your notebook. This time it should work.”

It was worth the risk, so I set out. Having reached the city, I happily called Abdulmomin, who, as it turned out, didn’t buy the cable. For him, it seemed easier to send in another article. I was very discouraged but still went to see him. Upon reaching, I realized that the other article was not ready. I tried to convince him that we still have a chance and that I would find a cable in the nearest shop.

Having said this, I ran to look for a shop. After fifteen minutes, I found a shop, but my happiness ‘crushed on the cliffs’, when I found out that the cable cost 1500 rubles. Fifteen hundred rubles! I didn’t have that kind of money with me.

On the way back, I called Abdulmomin and told him I couldn’t get the cable. Upon returning, I sat at the table, where he was finishing up his article and with a sad face stared at the blue screen of my notebook, which still was asking me to wait.

In a few minutes, Abdulmomin sent in another article to the newspaper. After a few more minutes, the impossible happened. As if spitting in my face, the notebook screen all of a sudden blinked and I saw in front of me the usual desktop… I got extremely happy. Even Abdulmomin started laughing. However, it was already too late, and my article was delayed until the next issue.

Now comes the most interesting part. To get back into the working mode, I decided to write a funny Facebook status: “Will accept Mac-Book as a gift, one that wouldn’t fail me. Preferably, for 160 thousand rubles.” And what do you think happened? A brother by name of Murad Nurmagomedov reposted my status with request to help me buy a new notebook. On my comment that my current notebook is back to working condition and that no money collection is needed, he replied very easily – by deleting all my comments. And so the ball began rolling. People shared the status and money started coming in. I wrote to stop them, but all to no avail. Finally, I gave up.

Two days passed, and Murad informed me that money was collected. In two days, fifty thousand rubles were collected. In the evening, I was handed over a new Mac-Book, on which I am writing these lines.

Of course, money for a new computer should not have been collected, as today Muslims are facing much harsher problems than buying a Mac-Book for brothers. But it all happened the way it happened. Most importantly, this collection was not a superficial act of kindness. Just the opposite, it proved that Muslims can mobilize themselves to achieve a certain purpose.

I pray to Allah (swt) to reward all the Muslims who gifted me this Mac-Book or helped in achieving it! I ask Allah (swt) to grant us unity to achieve the goals of the Ummah! I ask Allah (swt) to bring us closer together, give us strength, and forgive our sins.

Translated for Hiba Magazine by Laila Brence. Source: islamcivil.ru