Today we are going to talk about something that all of us are in need of – humility. Our children are extremely in need of it, so that they become humble towards their parents. Students need it, so that they can be humble towards their teachers. Even speakers, scholars, and learned men are in need of humility, so that they become humble towards Allah (swt).

According to Prophet Muhammad (sa), Allah (swt) had revealed to him that we should become humble. So from the outset we learn that humbleness and humility is not optional. It is a revelation by Allah (swt) – something that is compulsory, as we cannot become arrogant in Islam. We cannot show off and boast about the blessings that Allah (swt) has given us or look down upon people. Humility was one of the qualities of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sa), and he was an example for us to follow.

Once, a man came to the Prophet (sa) to give him allegiance and found him sitting under a tree. The Prophet (sa) noticed that the man was a bit nervous, as he was going to meet the Prophet of Allah (sa). Muhammad (sa) stood up and walked towards the man. He told him: “Calm down, my brother, calm down, my brother. I am only the son of a Quraishi woman, who used to eat dried meat.” (Tirmidhi) He reminded the man of his own poor upbringing, instead of looking down upon him.

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