I have five kids, and I want to tell you how they make Dua to me – meaning: when they ask me something. This is how they do it. Let me start with Yusuf, who is my oldest one. The first child is always little bit soft, cries a little too much, and so on. I was the oldest one myself and I was too soft – I used to start crying over smallest matters. So Yusuf says: “Baba, Baba!” I say: “Yes?” He says: “Can I buy that?” I say: “What is that thing?” He says: “Play station. It’s a nice game.” I say: “No, Yusuf, I don’t have money.” And he just makes that face of his, turns away, sheds two or three tears and that’s it. This is how he asks me.

Then comes Aisha, my eldest daughter. What does she do? “Baba!” “Yes?” “You are very nice, baba!” She comes and combs my hair, touches my head. She is so unbelievable! Subhan’Allah, she is going to get everything from her husband! Masha’Allah she does everything – she touches me and says: “Baba, how are you, baba? Can I do anything for you? Get you a glass of water? Get you some juice?” She takes my shoes off. “Aisha, what do you want?” “Baba, can I get that present from there?” “No, not now. I don’t have money.” “Okay, baba, that’s fine.” Then she just goes away nicely.

Then comes Zainab. Look at how she makes Dua to me – what does she do? She says: “Baba, baba, babaaa…” “Yes?” “Emmm ummm… there is really a nice toy… ummm ummm, so can I, please, have it? Please, pleeease, pleaaaseee?” She is seven and a really funny girl asking me like that. I say: “No, Zainab!” “Okaaaayyy!” And she just goes away.

Then comes Ibrahim. He does not talk, he just smiles: “Baba!” “Yes?” All he does is smile, and I know he is up to something naughty. “Okayyy?” He smiles a bit more. “Ibrahim – no!” “Okayyyy!” He is still smiling and going away.

Then the last one, Mariam! How does she ask? She is three years old. (Just crying.) “Huh? (Again crying.) “No, no, no!” (Keeps crying.)

Who do you think is the most successful negotiator! The last one! She gets it all the time, because if she does not, she is going to kill me. She would not stop.

I am going to ask you: why can’t we ask Allah (swt) like a two-year-old child? Why can’t we ask Allah (swt) and make Dua to Allah (swt) like that? Why? And I thought about this. Look at how she gets everything from me all the time.

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