As Muslims, we have no option to disgrace or dishonour our parents, even if they ask us to commit Shirk, which in itself is an unpardonable sin. Disobedience to parents ranks number two on the list of major offences. It comes before such vices as fornication, killing, and so on.

Uqooqullah linguistically means ‘to cut off one’s garment’. It is one of the major sins in Islam, as if you are severing ties with your parents and Allah (swt). There are nine consequences that may happen to us in Dunya and Akhirah if we cause displeasure to our parents:

  1. Allah (swt) will shut out your light. Never cut your ties with your dad. You will be left misguided.
  2. You will face disgrace and humiliation in this world.
  3. If you end up disobeying your parents, Allah (swt) will hasten your punishment in this world. Hence, lower your wings and be humble before them.
  4. You will experience hardships. You will never be successful, as you will find closed doors in your way. A famous historic account tells us about Juraij, who earned the title of Al-Abid – the worshipper. Once, while he was worshipping, he heard his mother call him. In a dilemma, whether to answer her or not, he decided not to. She got frustrated as he didn’t respond to her and cursed him to see the face of a prostitute before he died. Rest assured, a woman carrying a baby falsely alleged Juraij as the father of the child. Juraij lost his pious status and was covered with humiliation, because he had angered his mother. When his mother forgave Juraij, the baby spoke from the cradle to defend Juraij’s honour, and he was acquitted.
  5. We are advised never to make Dua against our life, wealth, or children, lest it comes true.
  6. Those who consume alcohol and dishonour their parents will not cross Masjid Al-Aqsa. When Jerusalem will be returned to the Muslims, such people will be barred from entering it.
  7. Allah (swt) will never look at the one who disobeys his parents.
  8. Good deeds of the one who dishonoured his parents will not be accepted by Allah (swt).
  9. A person who had knowledgeand acted upon it yet failed to honour his parents will not be granted Jannah by Allah (swt).

Transcribed by Rana Rais Khan from a talk at “Family Matters” at Twins of Faith, Karachi, organized by Mercy Mission.