1. Focus on the Ultimate Goal

Most people work to earn a decent and Halal income. However, if you want to use your work to grow in Iman, you need to change into a higher gear. You need to make your work fit a larger game plan that you strive for – earning a ticket to Jannah, Bi Izn Allah (swt). Don’t try to make Islam fit your work. Rather, make your work help achieve Islamic goals. In other words, your employer’s mission and vision must be compatible with yours.


  1. Adopt Islamic Values with Sincerity

Global secularization has caused corporations to define core values for employees, and for professional bodies to establish ethical codes of conduct for its members. The values enshrined in our religion subsume and exceed all ethical principles. Moreover, our intentions for dedicating every action for Allah’s (swt) pleasure makes us sincerer than those who follow such values just to comply with policies and codes. Work is an opportunity for us to develop our true Islamic characters, while fulfilling our professional duties. Our Iman grows when we do our work with Ikhlas.


  1. Do Not Compromise Islamic Practice

Unfortunately, many people compromise aspects of their Deen, when they enter the workplace. Being a good employee does not mean that you leave out Islamic duties in order to fulfill work obligations. Realize that you are first a slave of Ar-Razzaq, before being an employee of your employer. If you are sincere to the former, you will be sincere with the latter; but if you are not sincere with Allah (swt), you will never find Barakah in your achievements. Part of the job offer negotiation process should involve:

  • Regular breaks to perform your daily and Friday prayers properly.
  • No shaking hands with non-Mahrams.
  • No involvement in shady business practices.
  • Avoiding long work hours (for it leads to work-life imbalance).


  1. Be the Best

Having a bigger game plan means going an extra mile. People focused on the Akhirah will not complain that they did not get paid enough for their work. They will make every effort to ensure quality and excellence (Ihsan) in their work. They will habitually exceed expectations. They will push for innovation, customer-service, collaboration, and value. They know that they are the role models of Islamic character and, hence, they will be the very best at what they do. In doing their work sincerely for Allah (swt) – not for performance rating, salary increment, promotion, or publicity – their Iman will keep growing.


  1. Keep Sharpening the Saw

Successful Muslims incorporate opportunities in their daily schedules for constant spiritual growth. Islamic rituals and duties have inner meanings for them. They help them sharpen their spiritual saws to keep improving and tackling new challenges. They keep learning Islam from its sources, and keep progressing in their professional education. They understand how their work fits with the culture of the company and the industry. They study auxiliary fields along with industrial and research trends. They attend conferences, volunteer professionally, and implement new projects.