A Hiba reader advises us to get our hands dirty and reap rewards in this world and the Hereafter

Anas (rta) narrated that the Prophet (sa) said: “When a Muslim plants a seedling, or cultivates crops and then the birds animals or men eat from it, then it will be an act of charity for him.” (Bukhari and Muslim)
Jabir (rta) narrated that the Prophet (sa) said: “There is no Muslim except who plants a seedling then, if it is eaten from it, it will be an act of charity for him, and also what is stolen from it is an act of charity for him, and what the beasts eat will be an act of charity for him, and what the birds eat from it will be an act of charity for him. None of it is a loss for him, and all of it will be a Sadaqah (on the Day of Resurrection).” (Muslim)
Anas (rta) narrated that the Prophet (sa) said: “If the last hour comes and you have a date palm seedling in your hand, and you are able to plant it just before that, then do so.” (Ahmed)
Sheikh Nasir ud-Deen Al-Albani said: “These noble Ahadeeth clearly encourage one to cultivate, in particular the last Hadeeth. For it contains a strong incentive to seize an opportunity in the last period of one’s life in the path of cultivating, so that people can benefit after ones death. The reward will continue, and it will be recorded as an act of charity until the last day.”
It is reported about the companions that they were keen to act upon this Sunnah, encouraging each other to build one’s deeds for the future, even if it was by planting one seed. Do not waste this opportunity, and do not think that is unbeneficial to grow and water your plant at the end of your life.
Ibn jareer related that Umarah bin Khuzaimah bin Thabit (rta) said: “I heard Umar bin Al-Khattab (rta) say to my father: `What prevents you from cultivating your land?’ My father said to him: `I am an old man and I may die tomorrow.’ Umar (rta) said to him: `I think you should cultivate it.’ Then I saw Umar bin Al-Khatab (rta) planting with his hands along with my father.”
And it is reported that Amr ibin Al-Aas (rta) had a huge farm near Ta’if, where he used to grow grapes. It had thousands of wooden posts, and each one cost one Dirham.

Islam encourages the cultivating and farming of the earth. Those, who enjoy gardening and planting trees, go for it! It has countless merits to its effect. It helps clear out air pollution and invites rain. It provides shade, fruits, and flowers. It adds to the beauty of the cities. It gives everyone a chance to appreciate the wonders of nature. It provides animals with habitats and prevents their extinction.

Parents with green thumbs have a deep impact on their children, because they act as positive role models. It sets a chivalrous example for children to respect other life forms, and contribute to improving the environment they live in. When you are gone from this world and lying in your grave, you will continue to reap the benefits from what you have planted, Insha’Allah.

The colour green is said to be sight for sore eyes. People working on their computers are recommended by researchers to place a plant nearby, so that after staring at the monitor for hours, they can refresh their vision by glancing at the plant at intervals.