Favourite Books

Spiritual reading: The abridged version of Sahih al-Bukhari by Imam az-Zabidi. It’s a book of Hadeeth, Seerah, etiquettes and much more in terms of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. Then, the writings of Imam Ibn al-Qayyim, such as “Madarij as-Salikeen” and Ibn Hazm’s, “Al-Akhlaq was-Siyar”.

Self-improvement readings: Many books on the subject of leadership and self development. My favourite author is John Maxwell.

Stories and novels: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo. He uses the Muslim understanding of Qadr to explain how things always happen for some hidden reason for people to achieve their personal goals in life.

Favourite Website
Alukah.net; it is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and intellectual readings. (The Arabic section is much more extensive than the English one.)

Favourite Family Game
“Settlers of Catan” is a very addictive family board game. It is fun and competitive and free from many ills that exist in other games.

Favourite Video Game
It’s becoming an old game now, but the PS2 Buzzer keeps the family engaged in a very fun competition of short games.

Biking, especially with my kids.