Favorite Book

My favorite book is “The First and Final Commandment” by Dr. Lawrence Brown. He reverted to Islam after a long search for truth. He was a doctor in the US military, and did extensive research on religion. His style of writing is captivating yet academic. I recommend this book to anyone working in the field of Dawah or someone who just needs an extra push in their life.

Favorite Family Game / Sport

As a family, our Favorite sport is shooting. That’s right, target shooting.

Favorite Food

I actually don’t have a Favorite food. I like everything, and I don’t really mind what’s on the table.  However, like everyone else (I suppose), I love my mother’s Romanian food.

Recommended Websites for Learning

There are many great websites that could be used for learning; however, I believe http://www.mishkahuniversity.com or http://islamiconlineuniversity.com are great platforms for students to study. I don’t believe Islam can be learned without a teacher or someone to refer to on a regular basis.

Views on Video Games

I do not play video games, but I don’t mind playing once in a while. Some games are fun, as long as one doesn’t waste time on them. Our youth waste their strength and capabilities, and reduce themselves to these video games each day.  Read a book, go out in the forest, climb a mountain, build a tree house, or take care of a garden. Do something productive.

Leisure Time Activities

I play football, work out, train in martial arts, mountain climb, swim, and read books.

Message to the Ummah

My message to the Ummah’s families is to submit to Islam, and live according to Islam. You might be tempted to do certain things that you and others think are okay, when it comes to raising children, and when it comes to family relations, but stick to Islam and trust Allah (swt) and you will see Him working in your lives. Submit to Allah (swt), know your rights and responsibilities, and you will be successful when you fulfil them.

Dream for the Ummah

My dream for the Ummah is for it to get back to its righteous state. My dream is to walk on the street, and to know that the law of the land is Islam. My dream is to see the Ummah back to the state of Khilafah, and on top, not at the bottom or in the gutter.