Favourite Book

My all-time favourite is the Quran, but after the Quran, the book that really inspired me, was an Urdu book, “Hayat-e-Sahabah kay Darakhshan Pehlu” on the Seerah of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (sa). This book narrates the life-changing stories of the Sahabah and their sacrifices for Islam, which are really motivating and energizing in terms of one’s Iman.

Favourite Website

My personal favourite website is www.islam-qa.com, which provides us with a database of numerous Fatawas on different situations that we come across in our daily lives. All Fatawas are provided with reference to the Quran and Ahadeeth and are mostly from renowned scholars, such as Shaykh Uthaymeen and Shaykh Ibn Baz (may Allah (swt) have mercy upon them).

Favourite Family Game

Our favourite family game offline is cricket. Alhumdulillah, this is one game we enjoy playing as a family. We are a family of six (me, my wife and our four children), so we make a perfect family team. We have our own rules and we all enjoy it. Online we do not allow much screen time to kids, but to allow them some change, we let them play games at One4kids.net, where you can find nice games suitable for children under seven years of age.

Favourite Screentime

Screen time is approximately one to two hours a week. Alhamdulillah, because we have restrictions over screen time at home, our kids usually spend productive time reading, playing with siblings, spending quality time with each other and helping their mum with small daily chores. By the way, my youngest son (7 years) enjoys baking with his mum.

Some of the videos we enjoy:

  • “Lion of Ain Jaloot”
  • Zaky Islamic educational cartoons for kids (One4kids.net)
  • “The Boy and the King”
  • Islamic educational cartoons in Arabic from Fajr TV
  • “Hurray for Baba Ali!” (educational short videos for kids)

Nahseeds by Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Zain Bhikha