“Everybody is doing it!” stated Sara in the midst of a heated argument with her mother.

“Does that grant you the license to go ahead and do it too? If tomorrow crime becomes an accepted norm, because it is cool and enjoyable, or people start walking around naked, because science proves that it is healthy, will you jump on the bandwagon, too?”

Sara pouted her lips in disgust and retreated to her room, banging the door behind her. Who could ever win over her mom’s logic and sense of reason?

However, this question perturbs many of us who are battling to stay sincere to their Deen yet succumb to countless temptations inviting us with open arms. We regularly witness a majority of people (Muslims and non-Muslims) who are either heedless, defiant or absolutely ignorant to the purpose of this life. This obviously leads them to accepting and practicing impermissible stuff since ‘everybody is doing it’!

Another amusing angle to this is that most of us wish to stand out in a crowd, don’t we? But only to the extent of pursuing our desires. We want to own the most exclusive car, the latest electronic gadget, wear the trendiest of attires and so on. Here, we want to be among the minority, among the selected few and choicest ones.

When we are given an opportunity to stand out in the crowd, being the only ones observing Salah in the Masjid, donning the Hijab, sporting a beard or trying to observe our Deen more consciously, we do not want to belong to this circle of minority and present a very valid excuse: “It’s just not possible to swim against the tide. Majority of people are not into it these days, you see?” Hmmm… a convenient stance, don’t you think?

Well, Allah (swt), fully comprehending the nature of its best creation, has also clearly stated that His ultimate reward in the form of Jannah is also only for the minority, the exclusive ones who dare to follow their Deen, regardless of ongoing trends, fashions, and pressures of the society.

Majority hates the truth

“Indeed We have brought the truth (Muhammad (sa) with the Quran) to you, but most of you have a hatred for the truth.” (Az-Zukhruf 43:78)

Why is it so? Maybe because falsehood is more colourful, doesn’t require personal sacrifice, demands submission to our desires, doesn’t reflect upon right or wrong, is selfish and self-centered and frees us from all responsibilities and accountabilities.

If I didn’t know any better, that sounds like the life of an animal.

Majority shuns guidance

“Giving glad tidings [of Paradise to the one who believes in the Oneness of Allah and fears Allah much and loves Allah much] and warning (of punishment in the Hell Fire to the one who disbelieves in the Oneness of Allah), but most of them turn away, so they listen not.” (Fussilat 41:4)

As Muslims, we are living in a bubble of complacency. We assume that uttering the Shahadah/Kalima is sufficient for us to attest to the Oneness of Allah (swt). From here onwards, we can act and think as we please. And all those horrendous punishments mentioned in the Quran are meant for the idol worshippers.

If we are really submitting to our own desires, we are clearly worshipping ourselves and not Allah (swt).

Majority disbelieves

“Verily, the Hour (Day of Judgement) is surely coming, there is no doubt about it, yet most men believe not.” (Ghaffir 40:59)

Denial of the Day of Recompense is one thing, but forgetting it altogether is another. For Muslims the problem is not so much about atheism. It is more about heedlessness and a casual attitude towards the concept of accountability. Some may think it is far away, while others may suspect whether it is ever likely to occur. It is best forgotten or just meant to be read about in our Islamic studies class to pass the course.

Majority is ungrateful

“Allah, it is He Who has made the night for you that you may rest therein and the day for you to see. Truly, Allah is full of bounty to mankind; yet, most of mankind give no thanks.” (Ghaffir 40:61)

Being thankless and almost always wanting more has become very common now. As soon as we are granted one blessing, we instantly start craving for the next one, not even allowing ourselves to enjoy that one blessing, let alone be grateful for it. Some pseudo-intellectuals justify this attitude of constant needs as that of being ambitious. But, honestly speaking, ungratefulness brings misery and kills such virtues as gratitude, humility, contentment and an overall happy approach to life. As Allah (swt) has highlighted it, the majority of people are stricken by ungratefulness.

Majority is ignorant

“We created them not except with truth (i.e. to examine and test those who are obedient and those who are disobedient and then reward the obedient and punish the disobedient ones), but most of them know not.” (Ad-Dukhan 44:39)

If we are not clear about the purpose of our creation, there will be a direct and disastrous impact on our life. Why would we want to crush our desires, if there is no reward awaiting us? We would rather break all the rules, have the time of our life and indulge in every possible vice!

Disobedience of a majority of people is pre-destined. It is not a surprise for Allah (swt), as He has already mentioned this fact repeatedly in the Quran. For this very reason we cannot accept that the concept of majority is authority, as democracy demands. Caricatures in the Danish newspapers, legalization of suicides for terminally ill patients in certain countries, gay marriages, etc. are only some of the examples of how wayward the society is becoming under the shade of “majority is authority.”

So, next time Shaitan tries to drill this idea into your mind that the majority of the people are not obeying the rules, or most of the people are breaking the laws and overstepping their boundaries, remember where they are heading – definitely and sadly not to Jannah, where you will be able to do as your heart desires. This is a promise by Allah (swt) for His choicest slaves, not for everybody!