1) You have recently gotten married. After much effort, you prepare a meal for the family. Your mother-in-law disapproves of the flavour. What do you do?
a. Storm off in the middle of the meal.
b. Batter your husband later, in the privacy of your bedroom.
c. Inform her you prefer this recipe.
d. Ask mother-in-law to share her recipe and try it out.

2) You were discussing an issue with your sister-in-law, which turned into an argument. She passed a negative comment in your husband’s presence, but he stayed silent. What will you do?
a. Retort back to get even.
b. Scream at your husband later for not supporting you.
c. Involve your mother-in-law to decide between the two.
d. End the conversation politely and leave the room.

3) While ironing, your favorite outfit got burnt; then, a few relatives decided to drop by for lunch; you missed your important appointment, etc. When your husband arrives in the evening, how would you greet him?
a. Explode in tears the moment you see him.
b. Complain bitterly about your depressing life.
c. Move about silently, waiting for him to inquire about your cold treatment.
d. Act normal and later talk about your dreadful day, laughing at your misery.

4) Your maid breaks the bottle of your favourite perfume. How would you react?
a. Yell at her and fire her on the spot.
b. Decide to deduct the damage from her salary.
c. Scold her and later regret your impulsive action.
d. Politely warn her that she should be more careful.

5) You have just finished cleaning the lounge for the evening get-together, when your kids barge in with muddy shoes and ruin the sparkling floor. Your reaction would be:
a. Start yelling and give them all a slap.
b. Scold them and send them to their room.
c. Be in a bad mood all evening and punish your children some other day.
d. Make them take off their shoes and get them to help you clean the floor again.

6) You have had an argument with your husband. When you go to your parents’ house, you complain about your husband in front of your mother, expecting her sympathy. Instead, she counsels you. Your reaction would be:
a. Start quarrelling and complain that she is taking your husband’s side.
b. Keep quiet but do whatever you please.
c. Think about what she has said seriously.
d. Go home, apologize to your husband and discuss with him what you two can do so that this does not happen again.
Calculate your score:

For every ‘a’, you score 5 points.
For every ‘b’, you score 10 points.
For every ‘c’, you score 15 points.
For every ‘d’, you score 20 points.
Here’s your ‘mood’ report:

120-95: If you have scored in the given range, Mabrook! You are certainly pro-active and a positive Mominah. You are able to fight off the snares and the whispers of Shaitan that cause rifts at home. You realize that life is a bouquet of roses, fragrant and beautiful one day, painful and difficult another. But all circumstances occur by Allah’s (swt) will and your response to it determines the future course of your life. Keep setting the mood high at home!

90-65: You are probably the one, who falls prey to your emotions and regrets the outcome later. You need someone else’s facilitations to see the goodness in others and the silver lining to each cloud. Once you believe in it, you can perk up. But meanwhile because of your mood swings, the ambience at home gets low and angry. Try to visualize Shaitan smirking in a corner each time you get into a squabble with someone. Don’t let him win and ruin the peace in your house. Your home is your territory, and you must defend it at all costs.

60-30: Little and big things can tick you off easily. You might be blaming others for your misery and preventing yourself from becoming happy. Your reactive nature tends to cast a gloomy shadow on the overall environment of your home, and your close relations may misunderstand you and vice versa. Please, remember – Shaitan poisons the minds of those who listen to him. Alter your perception of the difficult situations you face. They are all chances for you to improve your actions and take your faith to a higher level through Sabr and Salaah. Allah (swt) loves you, and that is why He plants you in challenging situations to nurture you. Try to rise above the pet peeves and ask for Allah’s (swt) help sincerely and consistently. Shaitan will leave your home turf defeated. This might take time but do not despair in yourself.