“I want Mama!” wailed five-year-old Hannah.

Dad cradled her gently. “Nani is very ill. Right now, Mama needs to be with her Mama. Nani needs her,” he explained gently.

Hannah continued to bawl. Ali rolled his eyes and looked at Samra Apa in exasperation.

Samra Apa offered to take Hannah, but she just clung to Dad, sniffling and complaining about Mama’s sudden departure. “You can’t take care of me. Only Mama knows what I want and how I want it. Not even Dad knows.”

“Why thank you for your trust in me, darling,” Dad pretended to look hurt with a pouting face. Samra Apa just giggled. Ali teased: “Oh, leave the cry baby alone. She’ll be just fine. Drama queen!”

Hannah climbed down her Dad’s lap and dashed to hit Ali, yowling louder. Ali just enjoyed the Moment chuckling away.

“Okay you two, enough is enough!” Dad stared at Ali especially. “Who wants to hear a story?”

“I do!” Samra Apa chirped happily.

“Me, I guess,” Ali mumbled in a bored tone.

Hannah just sniffed away, burying her tear-stained face in her Dad’s chest.

“Well, here it goes. At the bottom of the world in Antarctica lived Mr. and Mrs. Penguin. One day, Mrs. Penguin laid a beautiful egg in middle of May, which is winter season for them, and decided to waddle off to the sea.”

“Who will take care of the baby?” Hannah protested, remembering her own mother’s absence.