Umm Sad lends meaning to your Tasbeehat and Dhikr. “The most beautiful names belong to Allah (swt), so call on Him by them…” (Al-Araf 7:180.

Al-Aziz: The Eminent

This word encompasses three meanings:

  1. Allah (swt) is so significant that nothing exists like Him,
  2. Allah (swt) is also the One, of whom there is intense need,
  3. Allah (swt) is in the unseen world, so it is difficult to see, feel or touch Him.

It is also difficult to comprehend His essence, only Allah (swt) knows Himself in the absolute sense.

Al-Aziz is a combination of all these meanings. This word is also translated as The Exalted in might; it comes from the word “to be strong,” “to be rare,” “to be respected.” It is mentioned in the Quran 89 times.

Often, Allah (swt) has combined this word with wisdom, although His Power is absolute, He uses His Power with wisdom. Similarly, Allah (swt) has used power with the ability to take retribution for wrong actions.

Allah (swt) is also Aziz ur Raheem, His power is combined with the attribute of mercy. Similarly, it is also used with the word Ghafoor, which means His Ability to forgive.

‘Izza’ means ‘dignity’ and ‘honour’ in Surah Mominoon, Allah (swt) mentions that Izza is for Allah (swt), and for His messengers, and for the believers.

In Surah Fatir, Allah (swt) mentions that all dignity and strength belongs to Him.

Al-Jabbar: The Compeller

Allah (swt) is the One, who implements His will in such a way that all creation is compelled to obey; and no one will prevail over Him. He is the One, from whose grasp nothing escapes.

When a human being is described as Jabbar, it usually means a tyrant possessing pride and power. This is an attribute, which human beings should not try to inculcate.

Al-Jabbar has also been described as He, who repairs all broken things, who completes that which is incomplete, and who has the ability, with force, to make people do whatever He wants.

The name, Al-Jabbar has appeared only once in the Quran – in Surah Hashr, verse 23.

Al-Mutakabbir: The Proud

It comes from a word which means ‘to consider oneself great.’ Allah (swt) is truly proud. Everything is unworthy of consideration in relation to Him. He sees greatness and majesty only in regard to Himself and looks upon all creation as a King looks upon His subjects. His pride is true pride, because all this is true only for Allah (swt), the Great and the Glorious.

Al-Mutakabbir; the Majestic, is He, who shows His Greatness in all things and in all ways. The only One, who has the right to this attribute is Allah (swt). The Prophet (sa) quoted Allah (swt), in a Hadith Qudsi, saying,”Majesty is My cloak and Grandeur is My garment; whoever contends with Me regarding either of them I will break his back and cast him into the fire” (Muslim).

If a human being is Mutakabbir, then Allah (swt) seals his heart. In Surah Ghafir, (Also known as Surah Momin) verse 35, Allah (swt) says: “Like that Allah (swt) puts a stamp on every haughty arrogant heart.”