1. You need a ride to college/work almost every day. Your friend eagerly agrees to help. After two weeks, your friend starts arriving late. How would you deal with the situation?
  2. Be angry at him/her for being late.
  3. Assume your friend is tired of helping you, so silently stop asking for his/her help in the future.
  4. Ask him/her the reason for being late and help find a solution.
  5. Arrange other travelling options for yourself ungrudgingly, in order to relieve your friend from everyday trips.
  6. You are discussing an issue with your friend, which turns into an argument, and both of you start yelling. Next day, when you meet your friend, what would you do?
  7. Be angry with him/her and consider your friendship to be over.
  8. Not talk to him/her, until your friend apologizes.
  9. Talk to him/her, apologize and restore your relationship.
  10. Try to work out a solution to avoid such confrontations in the future.
  11. Your friend has always been steadfast in prayers, but suddenly he/she stops offering prayers. How would you address this matter?
  12. Prayers are his/her personal matter and you would not interfere.
  13. Be angry with him/her and end your friendship.
  14. Ask him/her to accompany you, while you are offering prayers.
  15. Encourage him/her to offer prayers and explain the advantages of praying regularly and the dangers of forsaking it.
  16. You lost your mobile phone in your friend’s house. Your friend tried to search for it everywhere but could not find it. How would you react?
  17. Blame your friend for losing your phone and think of him/her as a thief.
  18. Be angry and consider it to be his/her fault, because he/she was unable to find your mobile phone.
  19. Would not blame your friend, but still ask him/her to lend you money to buy a new phone, since it was lost in his/her house.
  20. Understand that it was not your friend’s mistake – the phone was lost due to your own negligence.
  21. Your friend accidentally spilled water on your assignment/important document, which ruined the entire work. You will have to re-do the whole assignment/get a new copy made. What would be your reaction?
  22. Scream at him/her and break up your friendship.
  23. Be angry at him/her and ask your friend to do the whole assignment for you/get a new copy made for you.
  24. Warn him/her to be more careful in the future and ask him/her to help you fix the assignment/document.
  25. Understand that it was an honest mistake and redo the assignment/arrange for the document yourself.
  26. You are getting ready for a party. Suddenly, your friend urgently needs your help. What would you do?
  27. Lie and say that you are busy with something even more important.
  28. Be irritated and immediately refuse to help him/her.
  29. Ask him/her, if the work can be delayed, and coordinate a convenient time to help your friend, later.
  30. Eagerly ask him/her the matter and instantly agree to help him.

Calculate your score:

For every ‘a’, you score 5 points.

For every ‘b’, you score 10 points.

For every ‘c’, you score 15 points.

For every ‘d’, you score 20 points.


Here’s your ‘Friendship’ Report:


120-95:  You are certainly a proactive and a positive Mumin. You are able to fight off the snares and whispers of Shaitan that cause rifts in relations. Few things in life are as precious as a treasured friendship, and you seem to have one. That said, you should remember that it is quite normal to feel resentful and hurt by friends – no one is perfect, after all. At the end of the day, it is all about how much your positive attitude overcomes the negative feelings.


90-65: You try hard to be selfless when it comes to friends, but at times, you fall prey to your emotions, only to regret the outcome later. Try to be more accommodating and understanding. Your friends are your companions. We all tend to avoid stuff that requires of us to forego our comfort, but it is quite worth it to go out of your way for your friends, once in a while, without feeling wronged or resentful.


60-30: You definitely have it in you to be a good friend – after all, you would not be doing this quiz if you didn’t want to assess yourself. However, it seems as though both minor and major issues tick you off. Should anything disrupt your routine, you react. This might upset and drive away your friends who genuinely care about you. If a difficult situation arises, seemingly because of a friend, step back, analyze the situation, and take proactive measures to resolve the situation first. Later, you can talk it out with your friend to avoid similar circumstances in the future.  Ask for Allah’s (swt) help sincerely and consistently.